Aventa stadium – Cristiano Ronaldo break his serie duck again!

Welcome to you from the Aventa stadium in turin as all eyes once again around Cristiano Ronaldo can he break his serie duck here today and Sassuolo kick from right to left in this first half back to Paulo de ballot Alexandro looking for Ronaldo and that’s a volley just wide memory Chan who did score..

Three times for Liverpool last season and he can do it from that kind of range he’s a decent first touch she wants to cut across the wall on the volley, Marlon was brave there and slightly, foolish against Matuidi and it’s tall.
Back for dibala and now it’s Mandzukic Sassuolo playing themselves into trouble and they got away with it at least for now well there’s being composed and there’s been slightly arrogant and he loses the ball here and sure I can sell oh terrific.

Ballin oh what a save from concealing how much he knew about it I’m not sure but it would have been a known goal from polar Allah still they’re trying to reorganize and once again it’s hooked well wide by EM, Rochon Aventis need a goal they need a moment of inspiration from somewhere, will we see a different you’ve a a more? high tempo high energy you’ve a dibala with the corner oh and headed off the post and in Cristiano Ronaldo breaks his dock three hundred and twenty minutes into his serie career he finally gets the goal that he craved.
Here’s boo rabbia trying to open them up here it’s an excellent response aborting went for the improbable that was a clever effort from him so really poor set piece from Bharati as Douglas Costa with his first contribution considerable one as well mm…
Region for Cristiano Ronaldo this is the day that he has caught fire Ronaldo for a second time for you BAE and there is your back page headline for tomorrow.
Well Sassuolo will take great credit away from this but in the second half two goals from her now though both – preventable and they’ve been done for some time in from Bharati headed in by Boubacar just reading you write them off they give themselves a chance.

Well there is the final whistle!

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